If you watch the show “Love and Hip Hop” you know that it’s Peter Gunz that draws us in every week with his charm, personality, and drama. Millions tune in each week to watch this Bronx native. He keeps us mesmerized from beginning to end and leaves us longing for more.
Peter Gunz, along with his childhood friend, Lord Tariq, first burst on the scene in the mid 90’s performing on the whodini track “Can’t get enough” from their album,”Six.” In 1998, these platinum recording artists released their first and only album entitled “Make It Reign.” This album included artists such as, Big Pun, Fat Joe, Sticky Fingaz, Kurupt and Cam’ron. The lead single, Deja Vu (Uptown Baby), created what became the New Anthem for the Bronx. From New York to Cali, from Georgia to Texas, people were blasting this hit in the car, the club, and the crib. De Ja Vu scored Lord Tariq and Peter Gunz international success as well, It became a top 10 hit, was nominated for a Grammy, and was Billboard single of the year.
Peter later formed a management team, along with Rich Dollaz, and began managing several artists. In addition to being a manager, he currently runs a not-for-profit organization called Gunz Against Guns. This organization is focused on educating youths about gun possession as well as gun violence. It is Peter’s goal to keep youths out of jail and in school. It is for all of these accomplishments that we are honoring him with this 2015 Team Fearless Hip Hop Award!!


Gee Rock (born Derek Simmons, March 28, 1963) beginning his true Hip Hop roots in 1978. A few years later forming a duo (Too Dangerous) with his original Dj Johnny Dangerous”(Johnny Holiday)whom later left the group, and was replaced by”DJ Haste Precision”(Ezekiel Washington),and for a short period, having a Rap partner “S Dee” (David Lamar)and then ultimately “DJ Treacherous D” (Arnold Durant) thus solidifying the group’s legacy. Gee Rock was also known for Dee jaying, and Emceeing and Producing at the same time, later came Graffiti and Break dancing. Excelling in all of these elements, Being one of Newark’s first Hip Hop veterans, Gee Rock became an Innovative Force in the Hip Hop culture, and has since then Accumulated many accolades and has worked with many of Hip Hop’s veterans with the likes of: 45 king, Lakim Shabazz,Booski(infinity rappers), Naughty By Nature, Chill Rob G, Mr. Funky (Lords of The Underground), Reggie Reg (The Legendary Crash Crew ), Dotta Rock ( Fantastic Five), Waterbed Kev (L brothers, fantastic five,)Dj Baron, Rodney C (funky four +1 ), Tame One (Artifacts ), Percee P( The Rhyme Inspector), and has formed his own production company and label called :’CND Productions’ ‘Force One Networkz’ in which he has produced over 10 artists of his own, for about 20 years, gee has also dabbed into film making as well with about 4 films to his credit. He has also effectively penetrated the Radio Industry with the ultimate duty of Carting the songs on the legendary 105.9 F.M. W.N.W.K (Formerly W.H.B.I.) for about a year. Now with his own internet radio station (Force One Network Radio) along with a with a host of Associates in & around the hip hop circle, and 37 years of active duty, and over 100 releases consisting of albums, EP’s, singles, compilations…etc. Adding to his credit, 44 releases presently in discogs….40 more coming in the form of the brick city breaks catalogue Over 300 videos on you tube. Along with a world record certification for releasing multiple albums in a year . to date he has put out over 100 releases ….being active for over 3 decades Has captured many accolades like: business week magazine, contributing to the rise of social media site: ning.com, Gee still continues to multi task wearing several hats with his company :the FORCE ONE NETWORKZ umbrella consisting of the brick city breaks catalogue, CND productions, forcedgrafx, filmworkz, and force one network radio….gee rock’s legacy also caught the attention of the international crowd who have embraced his history so much so, that German born indie label HEAVY JEWELZ was created as a result of an interview covering the urban legends hip hop roots…they are presently releasing various projects covering gee rock’s 90’s era, consisting of several albums, EP’S, Singles…etc unreleased gems…the birth of the internet, most definitely was the driving factor in exposing this mans history which some consider amazing, as gee prepares himself to receive a team fearless hip hop honors award…what better way to sum up this Incredible journey.



The Kid from Queens, Mr. Ed Woods, is undeniably one of the top entertainment attorney / lawyers and business leaders in the country. Mr. Woods, is a 1991 graduate of Hampton University (B.A.), 1994 graduate of Howard University School of Law (J.D.), and is currently a member of the New York State Bar. Edward L. Woods, Esq. has been practicing law in New York City since 1994. He credits his success to simple good guidance from his parents as well as some of his mentors, like Butch Lewis and Bob Johnson. However, for Ed, sometimes the line between confident and cocky gets blurred. He also credits his ability to be able to change the dynamics of a conversation with his success.

Owning his own business was something instilled in him from childhood, so fifteen years ago, Edward co-founded the firm of Woods & Middleton, LLP. He started his practice with partner, Reggie and no clients. They borrowed money and used their tax return to buy office supplies and pay the rent. In less than five years they were able to enjoy the fruits of their labors and hire Black lawyers, out of predominantly Black colleges. Mr. Woods was handling more than 75 clients ranging from recording artists, platinum record producers, Grammy award winning songwriters, record industry executives, independent record labels and recording studios.

Mr. Woods has exhibited an unparalleled ability for cultivating new clients, simply because he can see the big picture which often requires one to possess a particular level of mastery in structuring industry deals, pleasing clients, as well as being a hardnosed, but fair mediator. Mr. Woods long list of clients include DMX, Bad Boy Hitmen Producers, Allen Iverson, Stephanie Mills, Angela Winbush, Blackground Entertainment, FUBU,and renowned boxing promoter, Butch Lewis, just to name a few.

Ed served as Executive Vice President at Casablanca Records, reporting directly to music executive and Casablanca founder Tommy Mottola. As Executive Vice President of Black Music at Casablanca Records. Mr. Woods was responsible for discovering and developing new talent, directing the production, promotion and release of new music, as well as supervising the record company staff. That platform developed into a consulting deal with The Mottola Company, where they share has partnership arrangements as managers.

The capstone for Mr. Woods’ preeminence was strengthened by his election as President and Chairman of the Board of the nationally distinguished organization Black Entertainment and Sports Lawyers Association (BESLA), after serving on the board of directors for the organization. BESLA is an international organization of lawyers and other entertainment and sports industry executives in support of a more diversified, expert and informed group of entertainment and sports industry professionals.


Sparky, born Doreen Broadnax, grew up in the Bronx, NY. She first appeared on the hip-hop scene with the Brooklyn group “The Playgirls” who were on Sutra records. She would also appear on her boyfriend Spyder D’s “Placin the Beat” on Profile Records in 1984.
However, it was her solo debut, “Sparky’s Turn (Roxanne You’re Through)” on NIA records produced Spyder D, which solidified her spot in hip-hop. “Sparky’s Turn,” D defended U.T.F.O., but the group did their best to not acknowledge the track. Hers was the first answer records in the incredible “Roxanne Wars” in the mid-80’s, and the first one gunning at Roxanne Shante directly.
Sparky D & Shanté teamed up for the 1985 EP Round 1,which lead to an epic exchange of words on a series of records Roxanne Shante which included tracks called “The Battle” against her former group The Playgirls, and “Roxanne’s Revenge”, in 1885. During 1985, she made “He’s My DJ” b/w “She’s So Def” with Kool DJ Red Alert with whom she went on tour with. She released “Throwdown” and “Sparky’s Back” both produced by Spyder D for B-Boy records in 1987. In 1988, “Sparky D’s world” on B-Boy Records was released. She would later appear on Malcolm McClaren and The World Famous Supreme Team Show’s album on the record “Opera House” with Grandmaster Caz In 1991.
Taking a leave from the music business for a while, Sparky move to Atlanta where she started a new life, working as an EMT by night and gospel singer by day. In 2007, she found herself back on top of the world receiving the 2007 Gospel Choice Awards, for the song “This is for the church.” She has also appeared on the TV show Stir it Up, hosted by Vonnie Battles in 2008.


Son of Bazerk featuring No Self Control and the BAND! hail from Freeport, Long Island. Their debut album Bazerk, Bazerk, Bazerk on the S.O.U.L. record label in the early 90’s is a HIP-HOP hop cult CLASSIC. They musically fused old school hip hop, R&B, reggae and everything in between.
The group has reunited and released their RE-INTRODUCTION “Well Thawed Out” on Chuck D’s SLAMjamz Imprint in 2010 gaining accolades from print media like the Village Voice as well as online blogs and even garnered a slot on DJ Premier’s Live From Headquarters Radio Show’s Top albums of 2010! The band win release their Sophomore album on SLAMjamz in November titled “RawAlity” after dropping the Hard-Hitting Single “On The Verge Of An Ass-Whipping” in October which is receiving spins by prominent DJ’s such as DJ Eclipse, DJ Premier and The Beatminers to name a few.


The HUSEL is the soundtrack to your daily grind. That vibe that gets you out of bed in the
morning when you’re tired, The HUSEL; that thing that keeps you motivated all weekend,
while everyone else is partying, The HUSEL; that adrenaline that doesn’t let you sleep at
night, that’s The HUSEL. Everyone on the grind needs theme music, and this is where you
will find it.

With the “Turn Up” sound, hard hitting 808’s, Snaps, Claps and Hi-Hats, songs like,
“Grindin,” “Generate,” and “Greatest,” are guaranteed to provoke a movement, no matter
who or where you are.

The sound may be familiar, however, the narrating isn’t quite the same. Along with the
musical combinations infused with charismatic vocals, it’s a perfect balance to lift you up out
of your seat and give you what you need to go “get it.”

“The Husel is not a person, it’s a state of mind. Everyone has their own interpretation of the
hustle, this just happens to be mine.” ~ The HUSEL


Anthony Cruz , Better known by his stage name AZ, is one of Brooklyn most lyrically gifted wordsmiths in the game! AZ is known for being the longtime rhyme partner of Nas, with whom he’s created some of the most memorable projects in hip-hop. AZ first gained recognition by appearing on Nas’ classic LP Illmatic, on the opening track The Genesis and “Life’s a Bitch”. What many don’t know is, AZ’s verse on Nas’ “Life’s a Bitch” the ONLY guest spot on Illmatic, was his official demo. He followed that spectacular recital with a flurry of street anthems like “Rather Unique,” “Sugar Hill”, which reached #25 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and sold 500,000 units to achieving gold status, and “The Essence feat. Nas” which was nominated for the 2003 Grammy Awards for Best Rap Performance by a Duo or Group. Songs like these cemented his smooth rhyme flow, unparalleled lyricism, and indisputable permanence as a rhyme gladiator. AZ has been expected to do amazing things with his music and has surpassed those expectations. AZ is arguably one of the most underrated lyricists to ever bless the microphone.


Brand Nubians – Grand Puba
DJ& MC’s from New Rochelle, New York, Grand Puba, Sadat X, Lord Jamar, & DJ Alamo became Brand Nubian in 1989. Dante Ross signed the group to Elektra Records. Their debut album, One for All, stood out for its socially consciousness and politically charged material and became the most critically acclaimed hip-hop album released. The singles “Slow Down,” “All for One,” and “Wake Up” all logged time on Billboard’s Hot Rap Tracks chart.
Grand Puba, who originally made his commercial debut with the Masters of Ceremony, seized the moment and released 1992’s Reel to Reel, featuring the singles “360 Degrees (What Goes Around)” and “Check It Out” (featuring Mary J. Blige). The same year Lord Jamar and Sadat X added DJ Sincere to the fold and released the single “Punks Jump up to Get Beat Down” and in 1993, Brand Nubian released their second album, In God We Trust, with the smash hit “Love Me or Leave Me Alone.” In November 1994 the group came back with the release,” Everything is Everything featuring “Hold On “, and “Word is Bond”.
In 1995, Puba dropped his second solo effort 2000, which featured, “I Like It (I Wanna Be Where You Are) which reached the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart. Wild Cowboys released in 1996 by Loud Records, was Sadat X solo’s project and considered to be a classic by many. In 1997, all group members reunited and contributed “A Child is Born” to the Soul in the Hole soundtrack. The 1997 Money Talks soundtrack featured the groups, “Keep It Bubblin”. A new deal with Arista/BMG Records in 1998, the group teamed up with DJ Premier, Buckwild, Lord Finesse, and Diamond D. to release “Foundation”. The single “Don’t Let It Go to Your Head” hit 54, on the Hot 100 Billboard chart.
In 2000, Sadat X released an EP titled, The State of New York vs. Derek Murphy, on Loud/Relativity Records. Understand This, released in 2001 was Puba’s third solo released. Brand Nubian released their fifth album in 2004, Fire in the Hole, on Babygrande Records. Experience & Education was Sadat’s 2005 solo effort which received exceptional reviews. Before Lord Jamar would release his first solo project, The 5% Album in 2006, he kicked off his acting career appearing in episodes of Oz, Third Watch, and Law & Order, and The Sopranos. Black October, Sadat X’s third full length album was released in October 2006.
Among the groups who have represented revolution, political awareness, afrocentrisim, and knowledge of self, Brad Nubian stood out as and has always remained one of the most important social commentators for the culture of Hip Hop. They developed a very unique way to entertain, inform, and educate all those interested. Grand Puba, Lord Jamar, and Sadat X have achieved a level of respect and reverence that is coveted by many.


mixmaster ice

For those who don’t know, Mix Master Ice is an important piece in the history of Hip Hop Music. Born & Raised in East Flatbush, Brooklyn, Mix Master Ice became mesmerized by turntables in the Medgar Evers Project at a friend’s house s in 1979 and began DJ’ing in 1980. In the beginning, “DJ Ice” started a DJ crew with The Educated Rapper. After years of being immersed in the Hip Hop culture they joined forces with Kangol Kid and Dr. Ice to form the four member group U.T.F.O., most famous for their song Roxanne, Roxanne. He was also known as “The Ninja” onstage. The group signed with Select Records, & went on to release 5 albums between 1984 and 1991.
Mix Master Ice is appreciated & loved the world over. This was made clear when he was inducted into the TECHNIC’S DMC DJ Hall of Fame in 2000. Many current & former Dj’s have been influenced by Mix Master Ice including DJ Premier, Q-Bert,Mix Master Mike, DJ Scratch, Beat Junkies, and The Executioners.
In 2007, Mix Master Ice debuted MMIRadio.com in association with Loud Stream Media. The show quickly became the 15th largest hip-hop internet radio station in the world. Ice recently merged his production company, Ice Cold Productions with web media company Loud Stream Media to form Ice Cold Enterprise. Ice Cold Enterprise provides a web division and much more. M.M.I. Fan Nation (a hip-hop social networking website) and Loud Stream Media which offers plans for independent musicians to gain exposure through internet radio, web presence. Ice is also an honorary member of the Worldwide DJ organization, The Core DJ’s


Du Kelly, a/k/a DoItAll (one-third of the Legendary Platinum selling hiphop trio LORDS OF THE UNDERGROUND) who gave us classics records like CHIEF ROCKA, & FUNKY CHILD which inspired the FRENCH MONTANA hit “SHOT CALLER” & the Notorious BIG’s Machine Gun Funk Record along with numerous artist free-styling over the classics created by the trio. Du is also an accredited Screen Actors Guild actor and a member of ACTORS EQUITY ASSOCIATION. Du has secured independent film & television roles such as 30 Rock (NBC), Law & Order (NBC), Soprano’s (HBO), OZ (HBO) & independent feature films such as Durdy Game (Roc) & Cash Rules, which also stars J.D. Williams (The Wire) & Treach of Naughty By Nature, Somewhere In The City (Starring Sandra Bernhardt and Bai Ling) as well as scoring all the music for BOYS TO MEN a documentary by award winning film maker Fredrick Marx. Du has recently added PRODUCER to his credit with the production of an independent movie titled “ZOO” starring Jermaine Hopkins (Juice/Lean on me) & THE LOST BOOK OF RAP which he produced cast and acted in.

Du is the CEO of 211 MEDIA GROUP (www.211mediagroup.com) a company that specializes in all aspects of media from print work, websites, graphic design, and television and film production. Du is still touring with L.O.T.U.G domestically and internationally. He has continued to stay relevant through a heavy grassroots & Internet viral presence, with notable Music features on Nas’s WHERE R THEY NOW remix, Pete Rock’s NY’s FINEST album (Best Kept Secret), Masta Ace & Edo G’s ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT album (ROUND & ROUND) to his own solo projects such as THE HUNGER IN MY VOICE part 1 & 2 who he partnered withBALLERSTATUS.com to release. With his love and success in the music business Du is now promoting up and coming talent such as Ky Will whose debut release ELECTION DAY is getting notable recognition on iTunes and YouTube with videos such as BANG & FINISHLINE featuring Treach of Naughty By Nature. Du is also featured on songs by various Indy artists such as Prince Ak songs include LOYALTY, KRUSH, & BLACKOUT (YouTube videos). He also has been featured in Redman’s’ COCK BACK & Nigga Whut video as well as doing a feature called HANDS UP With RedMan & Mr Cheeks. Du has released a well-received independent album entitled “AMERICAN DU” in May of 2010 which featured his single produced by PETE ROCK called “SURRENDER” which has over 100,000 views throughout the Internet.

Also under the 211 Media group umbrella along with his partner Eion Haynes Du has launched a skateboarding company called L.I. Decks (www.thelidecks.com). When asked what made him go into the extreme sports business he says, “I always think outside the box, my secret passion was to open a skateboard/snowboarding shop. As a kid, I was never really good at skateboarding, but I always was intrigued by the culture and when I saw how the skateboarding community embraced hip-hop… “it was a no brainer, so I thought why not fulfill my dream and create boards for Skateboarders who are music lovers”.

With all of his endeavors Du has also found time to tour the lecture circuit talking about his life experiences and educating adults & the youth on the trials and tribulation of a person traveling through the rough road of the entertainment industry.



D.J. Sesame began his musical journey in 1977, with a group of four high school friends who dubbed themselves (“The Engineers”). Following the path of trail blazing Dj’s in the borough of Queens, New York (Nu Sounds, King Charles, and most notably The Disco Twins), D.J. Sesame honed his skills both on the turntables and the microphone and entertained hundreds in his Astoria Queens Community.In 1979 he began a mutual affiliation with the Legendary Disco Twins, and in 1980 found himself as the front man and M.C. (Along with D.J. Smalls), entertaining crowds of partygoers in the parks and various venues in the tri- state area. D.J. Sesame has always maintained a passion for music as exemplified by his tutelage as a formally trained jazz drummer and percussionist.D.J. Sesame boasts a style on the turntables that has been influenced by, and is self-described as a “melting pot” of some of the most accomplished DJ’s (D.J. Hollywood, D.J. Junebug, D.J. EZ-G, Afrika Islam, Tony Humphries, and Robert Brown of The Disco Twins). He embraces a multi- genre of music in his approach to moving crowds and has held residencies at The Space and Karma Sutra NYC to name a few, as well as self promoting venues throughout New York City.

Currently, D.J. Sesame hosts a weekly Internet Radio Show (“The Soul Vibez”) on Live365.com/Heatradio1, where he has been designated as musical director. He reaches a documented over 400,000 listeners World wide on Friday nights. In his role as music director at HeatRadio1 his efforts have catapulted the station into the category of “Featured Station” on the Live365 network



The SoulSonicForce
Afrika Bambaataa a former member of the notorious Black Spades in the mid to late 70’s, would form the most important entity with-in the world of hip-hop known as the Mighty Zulu Nation. His social awareness and futuristic vision in conjunction with his amazing ear for music solidified him as one of the top trendsetting DJs. His vision was to promote peace, unity, love and racial equality; which produced massive followings.

The first two rap groups affiliated with the Zulu Nation were the Cosmic Force and the SoulSonic Force. The SoulSonic Force, like the Zulu Nation, would become one of the most important, prolific, trend setting, and groundbreaking groups to serve as the cornerstone and compass of hip-hop. Described as an electro-funk and hip-hop ensemble, Soul Sonic Force began as a nine-piece affair, which MC’s gradually dropping out, including Lisa Lee who remained with Bambaataa as part of Cosmic Force. The SoulSonics eventually consisted of five individuals known as DJ Jazzy Jay, Cosmic Force, PowWow, G.L.O.B.E., and Mr Biggs. G.L.O.B.E., who met Bambaataa while he was attending Bronx River High School, was responsible for much of the group’s lyrics, originated the ‘MC popping’ technique where he would drop in and out of rhymes at short notice, producing an effect similar to a faulty microphone. He already had an established friendship with Pow Wow, who known for his rhyme skills throughout neighborhood parks. Mr Biggs worked with Bambaataa as far back as 1974. Jazzy Jay, was a protégé of Bambaataa as well as his older cousin, Kool DJ Red Alert became an early member of the Universal Zulu Nation. He started as a Zulu King dancer in the 1970s, and later became a Universal Zulu Nation DJ.

Afrika Bambaataa & Soulsonic Force dropped one of the most incredibly infectious hip-hop anthems, “Planet Rock”, the theme song for every B-boy and B-girl on the planet. The offering sampled music from German electro-pop groups, British rock groups, and African-American disco and rap. All the different elements and musical styles were blended together; and in doing so, they offered hip-hop as a new vision for production, lyrical content, and delivery. The group continued to release equally incredibly defining and profound singles such as “Planet Rock”, “Looking for the Perfect Beat” and “Renegades of Funk” which is credited with being one of the earliest political-conscious rap songs. These songs would later become the foundation and blue print of southern style booty shake rap music because of the up-tempo beat patterns illustrated by the SoulSonic Force.

The contributions of Afrika Bambaataa & Soulsonic Force and the Mighty Zulu Nation are unmeasurable. At the very least they solidified the Bronx in its place in hip-hop, they provided style, pride and safety and added another page to our history in the culture.


Originating from the birthplace of Hip-Hop, the Bronx River section of the Bronx, Eddie B. Swift began his DJ career rocking neighborhood house parties and park jams in the early 1980’s. By the late 80’s and early 90’s he earned his stripes having participated in the legendary DMC battles. Eddie would go on to DJ in some of New York Cities legendary clubs like Latin Quarters, Red Zone, Palladium, Studio 54, Mars, Octagon, and Roseland. His success on the club scene opened up the possibility for a coveted spot on Hot 97. Eddie would eventually find himself working as a guest DJ for WKCR on the legendary Stretch Armstrong and Bobbito Show as well as for Raps New Generation on WCWP.
Eddie B Swift has the distinction of being the first DJs to broadcast his show via live stream on internet radio station simplyradio.com, creating a new lane for himself and many other who followed him. He created fresh radio show concepts as his popularity grew. One of the shows he’s been responsible for is the most amazing organic fusions known as Lunch Breaks with veteran B-boy Crazy Legs which gained the attention of the New York Times. He’s also responsible for a show which featured DJ’s from all over the world every week with DJ MellStarr called the Cut Café. The EBS Mindtrip on De La Soul’s Dugout held the #1 spot on Ustream and became syndicated. Eddie has been highlighted on Cypress Hill member B Real’s breal.tv, an online tv network where he interacts with viewers via the chat room integrating them into the show.
Eddies 20 years of growth and development as a Dj, along his respect for the culture and business of hip-hop, has made him the perfect mentor to many younger DJs. He’s often used the EBS Mindtrip show as an opportunity meet and exchange thoughts, ideas, and information with his fellow DJ vets. He has also hosted monthly DJ showcases at popular DJ Equipment store idjNOW. B Swift continues to expand his empire with a management, marketing, and production company. Eddie continues to DJ private events as well as maintaining his place on radio.
Angel Diaz Aka. Batch is a bboy pioneer.
In 1974 he along with Cash and Shark created The Bronx Boys. They were initially a writing crew (grafitti.) In 1975 Batch added Rocking Crew so it became The Bronx Boys Rocking Crew.

Many TBB members are credited with creating moves that are still used today. Batch is the creator of the 3-step. The 3-step is one of the moves that comprise b-boy footwork and is considered FOUNDATION. In 1979, when Batch broke up the crew. Jimmy Lee and Jimmy Dee of the Burnside division changed the name of their division into Rock Steady.

Some members of TBB include:
Batch (inventor of the 3 step)
Aby 183rd (current Global president and Batch’s brother) inventor of Russian kicks and the helicoptor.
Trace 2 (R.I.P)
Bom5 (graffiti legend)
Crazy Legs (Rock Steady)
Powerful Pexter (NYC Breakers)
Jimmy Lee (Rock Steady co-founder)
Jimmy Dee (Rock Steady co-founder)
Weebles (Rock Steady – inventor of Turtles and the hand glide also known as the “float.”)
Rubberband (Rock Steady)
and many more.

Rapper / Vocalist / Writer / Keyboardist
Born March 9th, Boogie Down Bronx New, York. T-Ski began his musical career at the age of fourteen. It spans from Rap, Reggae, Gospel, to Urban Jazz. T-Ski was born in the northeast Bronx, in an area called the Valley. He attended Micheal Angelo J.H.S., I.S.144 in the Bronx, where he played guitar. He graduated and went on to Evander Childs H.S. in the Bronx, Where he and a buddy (Disco Prince) formed a group called the Erotic Disco Brothers. In 1978 T-Ski had joined Kool Herc as an M.C. (Fly Force). Later that year T-Ski had joined up with A.J & Busy Bee as a D.J. Upon the completion of high school, he went to work with reggae producers Brad Osborne (Clocktower Records) and the Bery Gordy of Reggae, Clement “Coxsone” Dodd (Studio One Records), in putting together Grand Groove Records. His first record recorded was, “ Catch The Beat” T-Ski went on to produce groups such The Just 4 “Girls Of the World”, Chapter Three M.C.s The. “Real Rockin Groove“. T-Ski has worked with Noreen Clayton from the off Broadway play, “Mama I Want To Sing”, and is presently working with Paris Ford , Capital records recording artist, B.B.Q. Band (On The Beat). T-Ski preformed with such artist as Imagination, Kool Moe Dee, Run Dmc, Kurtis Blow, Spoonie Gee, Grand Master Flash & The Furious Five, and a host of others. He is still actively performing.
Psycho Les of the Beatnuts has been featured on many other artists’ songs as both vocalists and producer, but he’s also an accomplished actor as well with credit for the movies Undefeated (2003) and Sucker Punch (2003). In 2007, Psycho Les released his debut solo album, Psycho Therapy, on his own label, Pit Fight Records. Shortly after that, the group Big City was formed with Al Tariq and Problemz, they released the album The City Never Sleeps. In 2008, his Pit Fight Records released a compilation of previously unreleased Beatnuts songs titled U.F.O. Files. In October 2009, as part of the New York Hip-Hop Theater Festival, Sacha Jenkins produced the theatrical, semi-autobiographical “Deez Nuts” conceived by and starring The Beatnuts which ran for 3 nights at the Ohio Theatre. In 2010, Les would again satisfy his acting bug with his appearance in the movie Takers. The Beatnuts would join forced with the Tha Al kaholiks to record an album titled the LIKNUTS. Les has produced music for The Piece Maker 3: Return Of The 50 MCs, for Tony Touch..
Currently Les is active on social media with his Pit Fight Records Entertainment website, YouTube channel, Twitter feed, Facebook & SoundCloud promoting his label’s music and artist
People think that rappers becoming entrepreneurs and owning their own businesses is new and they have no clue, that it is, indeed, NOT new. It’s great that the Jay-Zs, the 50 Cents and the Rick Rosses have achieved success outside of spitting lyrics. But, this is not a new phenomenon that just started recently. In fact, from the likes of Andre Harrell (Dr. Jekyll), former rapper turned label owner/record executive to even Mark Wahlberg (formerly Marky Mark) and Will Smith (Fresh Prince) having a more successful career outside and/or due to Hip-Hop. When having this conversation, the name Greg Marius MUST be included!
Sal Abbatiello – Fever RecordsFEVER ENTERPRISES, formed in 1976 by entrepreneur Sal Abbatiello, encompasses all areas of the music industry including his own record label, artist management company, publishing company, concert promotions, and night clubs. Sal Abbatiello, a Bronx born and native, initially started the business as a bartender in his father’s bar.

The disco era was taking over the club scene in Manhattan with Studio 54, two years later in 1972 at the early age of 19, knowing this was the new music of that time, he went on to open his own club, it was the first disco in the Bronx, called the Playhouse. This is where he started promoting his own shows by handing out flyers and selling tickets himself.

Grand Master Flash – Fever RecordsIn 1976, his career took off when he and his dad opened the “DISCO FEVER.” The club, first catered to a 35 and over crowed, but Sal, having heard and seen kids in the streets of the South Bronx rapping over a DJ cutting records, knew he was about to see the next era of music. He needed the best DJ in the street, so he went from park to park and the only name that kept coming up was DJ “Grand Master Flash.” So in the summer of 1977 after convincing “Grand Master Flash” to play at the Fever, history was about to be made, Sal had successfully taken rap music off the streets and into a real venue where people could come and hear on a weekly basis. This innovative music trend was surprisingly not discovered in a studio, but between the walls of a small club in the South Bronx. By 1979 he had the biggest DJ’s in rap history playing at the club. Along with Flash he had Luv-Bug Starski, DJ Hollywood, Eddie Cheba, DJ Jun-Bug, Brucie Bee, Sweet Gee and Reggie Wells.

Entertainer’s Basketball LeagueIn the summer of 1979, Abbatiello help start the Entertainer’s Basketball League along with Greg of the Disco Four rap group and Mr. Magic. All the games were played at Mt. Morris Park in Harlem, several of the league’s players went on to the NBA, such as Walter Berry, Richie Adams, Kevin Williams, and Pearl Washington. Sal had also won the Most Valuable player Award two years in a row at the league’s Celebrity Game. Today 21 years later Greg still runs the league, with major sponsors and rap icons such as Puff Daddy, Loud Records, Fat Joe, and the Ruff Riders, the games are played at Ruckers Park and has been featured on a TNT special.

Russell SimmonsPersuaded by Russell Simmons of Def Jam Recordings to begin his own record company, Abbatiello formed FEVER RECORDS in 1982. His first release was “Games People Play,” produced by Kurtis Blow and Jellybean Benitez, the artist was “Sweet G” was the general manager of “The FEVER” as well as the first artist released on FEVER RECORDS. “Games People Play” which was co- written by Sal Abbatiello was the first rap single to combine singing and rapping. The single went to # 1 in New York on WBLS, WKTU, and KISS. The single was the first rap record to feature singing on it and is a rap classic.

In 1983, Sal opened SKATE FEVER. It was the first place to combine roller skating and a nightclub, with live DJ’s and live performances by Rap and R &B artists. SKATE FEVER had the roller skating and a stage upstairs and a nightclub with large monitors under ground, so you can see the show and the skating. In a short time after SKATE FEVER was open, Sal along with some youths of the community, established The Macomb’s Youth Association. The Macomb’s Youth Association, was a day recreation center held right in the skating rink, to all children of the surrounding area. They set up historical, camping, and educational trips. They had numerous benefits to restore and rebuild the neighborhood, but Sal’s most proud achievement was the restoration of a city park and playground that was rundown and abandon for over seven years. That year Sal was awarded The Bronx Citizen of the Year award by Bronx Borough President Stanley Simon.

DJ Quick is a Producer, Radio Mix Disc Jockey, Club DJ, Tour DJ
DJ Quick has always had a passion for music. It began in high school when he began deejaying in parks and local parties. Born and raised in Willingboro, NJ, DJ Quick made a name for himself.
DJ Quick on the 1s and 2s
Winning countless DJ battles. His first major celebrity influence was The Devastating Tito of the Legendary rap group The Fearless Four. DJ Quick has DJ’d alongside of legendary DJ’s such as Jazzy Jeff, Cosmic Kev, BizMarkie, Funk Flex, to name a few.

DJ Quick is no stranger to both club and exclusive party scene. He was the DJ for celebrity Donovan McNabb, formerly of the Philadelphia Eagles. Quick was Donovan’s DJ the entire time he was with the Eagles. As well as for Donovan’s retirement party in 2013.

Quick has also been the DJ for many celebrity album release parties, including artists Jada Kiss, Wyclef Jean and his most recent, in March 2015, in Philadelphia for the cast of Empire.
Along with performing at countless celebrity parties, Quick has also deejayed on the radio in Philly, the high energy mix show called the BatCave Radio on 100.3 The Beat. He has been DJ’ing and touring in Jamaica, Mexico, St. Thomas, Miami, Bahamas, Puerto Rico, Texas, Atlanta, and South Carolina, just to name a few! He has toured with Nike for Four years.
Quick has deejayed for the incredible Kevin Heart and is currently touring with Mike Epps, Katt Williams and Sommore. Quick has been their DJ for Five years.
Quick spins all types of music, but his heart and soul is HIP HOP!!!


The first hip-hop band that birthed some of the most original and prolific producers, musicians, and emcee’s to ever represent New York. Brooklyn’s own Stetsasonic was one of the first rap groups to use a live band and was created in 1981. Daddy O and Delite originally named the group the Stetson Brothers and began performing in hip-hop spots all over New York. The group, made up of DJs “Prince Paul” Huston ( who also went on to produce De La Soul, Jungle Brothers, Fine Young Cannibals, & The Grave Diggerz), Leonard “Wise” Roman, keyboardist/drummer/ DJ Marvin “DBC” Nemley, and emcee’s Glenn “Daddy O” Bolton, Martin “Delite” Wright, and Bobby “Frukwan” Simmons, is responsible for some of the most defining hip-hop music. Their sound was unique and complexly laced with the gritty, grimy, conscious reality of Brooklyn’s rap style.
On Fire was released in 1986. The follow-up, In Full Gear, exploded and delivered a crossover hip-hop hit named “Sally”, which received critical acclaim and is still one of the most exciting records for a dj to drop in his set. Considered to be their best work, Blood, Sweat & No Tears was released in 1991. After Daddy O felt like they had nothing more to contribute to the soundscape, the group broke up. Daddy O would continue to work with other artist producing and remixing, artist such as with Mary J. Blige, Queen Latifah, Big Daddy Kane, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers.


NAY NAY KIRBY began her career as an Actress at the tender age of 4; when she was casted in a short film in San Francisco. She has over 300 live performances, actor credits, 30 national commercials, and over 45 music videos. She has also written 15 original songs (ASCAP song writer).

• 2013 Queen Little Miss African American Scholarship Pageant Winner
• Creator of “Lunches with Love” (preparing homemade lunches to feed homeless mom’s & children)

Reality Judge: “Funny or Die” Boy Search YouTube network http://www.funnyordie.com/

Radio: Show host: Blogtalk “Teens R Talking”

Contributing Author: This Cookie Don’t Crumble (released June, 2015)
• Clarissa’s Gift http://www.imdb.com/title/tt3971280 ( nominated for best actress as Clarissa)
• Wishes http://www.imdb.com/title/tt3433276/?ref_=nmbio_mbio “Nay Nay” stars as Carrie
• Who’s Watching the Kids http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2106480 “Nay Nay” stars as Susan
• Hallmark “Annie Claus is Coming to Town” Nay Nay stars as Vivica A. Fox’s daughter
• Hallmark “Black out” Mini Series “Nay Nay” co- stars with Eriq LaSalle’s as her dad
• Featured in Pharrells “Happy”
• Featured as TI’s daughter in “Murda Bizness with Iggy Azeala
• Featured in Ceelo Greene’s “Forget You”
• Featured in Soldier Boy “Blowing Me Kisses”
• Featured in Jill Scott’s “Lovely Day”
• Featured in Eddie Murphy & Snoop, Lion VEVO “Red Light”
• Featured in Melonie Fiona “Ay Yo”
• Featured in Akon’s “Hold my Hand” featuring Michael Jackson

LIL NAY NAY has hosted several Award and Red Carpet events.
• Rising Star Music Awards teen host with founder Shelia Ferguson http://www.risingstarmusicawards.com/
• Omni Music & Actors Awards with founder Mr. Lou Gossett & Ms. Marjorie Dove

The youngest in charge grew up on 155th Street and 8th Avenue in Harlem, right across the street from Rucker Park where battles & jams took place. The first time he heard Red Alert on 98.7 Kiss [FM], and Marley Marl on 107.5 FM [WBLS], it blew him away. The way Red Alert & Marley Marl scratched records on their radio shows captivated him thus solidifying his quest to become a DJ & master the turn tables as an instrument. He got his first set-up after he started taking the art of DJing seriously. His father purchased two turntables for him, and he managed to acquire his own mixer, and he sat in the house and practice every day!
The most Influential Mixtape DJs for The Youngest In charge were legends like Starchild, Lovebug Starski, Brucie B, and Kid Capri. Mixtapes were in a few local stores that sold mixtapes, but not everyone was familiar with that world, you couldn’t just go inside Tower Records and buy a mixtape… you had to know the underground spots that had the cassettes on display.”
The first mixtape that gained Ron recognition from on the mixtape circuit, as well as in the music industry was Mixes 1 also known as Blends 1. It was an R&B on acapella and breakbeat concept production which amazed listeners & connected younger generations of music listeners with elder music makers. He would duplicate the mixtapes himself, and then go to the nearest gas station to distribute them. A lot of the hustlers were supportive. Often requesting him to make mixtapes & shouting them out during the mix. He admits, “The shout outs helped make me who I am. I would shout out people that I thought meant something, or people that I wanted to meet.” Hustlers who wanted to promote what they were doing…. their car, their clothes, and who they were down with gladly paid the $200.00 Ron requested.
He got the nickname “Youngest in Charge” from the people in the community. When Ron started working at WBLS, he was still in high school. When he started on WBLS, his time slot was 8-9 every night except for Friday and on Saturday and Sunday nights in the 9-10 slot. He did interviews, blends, and new music. He had the No. 1 show in that time slot. His creativity and musical innovation had a profound impact on many people within the music industry, including artist, producers, & executives.
Although Puffy is widely credited with the creation of the remix….. The Youngest in Charge constructed the foundation for which Puff could build his musical empire on. The blend was reinvented & rebranded as the remix! Ron’s house was the spot to be seen, heard, & have your career jumpstarted without dealing with the record companies. Artists rapping over tracks he produced which have never heard before is how he created all of his exclusives.
One of the highlights of his career was producing a remix for the late grate Michael Jackson
Ron still finds the inspiration to still make mixtapes because of his love for the art and music. He currently has a host of projects in the works & continues to maintain a presence on the airwaves with 4 radio shows & on the internet with his online marketing and Promotion Company, as well as providing consulting services.
Born in Harlem and raised in the Bronx. This Bronx native grew up during an era when hip hop exploded and evolved into a major music genre. I have always been inspired by music as a child and always wanted to have some type of involvement in the entertainment industry. Growing up, I always felt like I was born to be an entertainer but I now realize helping others is much more fulfilling.
CoCo attended Lehman College and graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Mass Communications and Computer Science. I interned at BET on 106 & Park and Channel 11 while attending Lehman. I also took production courses and obtained my hands on skills when it comes to producing and running a tv show. The education and internships helped me to understand the entertainment business behind the scenes and understand the importance of networking and learning how to make your image and brand marketable.
From my love of music, The Just Gimme The Mic Show was created in March 2011. We first launched an online radio show on Blog Talk radio which took off and provided the exposure we needed to branch it out to another level. On the blogtalk medium, we had some awesome classic artists join us and share their experiences of their journey in music. We have also had some great poets, business owners and talented musicians. My list of guests, have been amazing and it will be an injustice to just name a few of our guests. They all were great and offered us some great knowledge from their experiences.
In 2012, we launched our show on Ustream in conjunction with BX Records. This was a live interactive show. Artists joined us and performed live on the show by performing in our booth. The show included industry news, live dj, and exciting topics where our listeners called in and joined us with live chat. We ended this show on a high note by having a Hip Hop Idol show where the artists competed each week for a chance to perform for some industry greats at the Team Fearless Honors Awards!!!!
In 2013, we launched our show on Cablevision, Bronxnet channel 68. This gave me the chance to offer a live studio experience to our guests along with greater exposure for local artists. The shows can be view on Youtube as well for those who cannot view the show during the scheduled air time. On this show, we have sit down interviews, features, live performances on the set.
In 2013, we also launched our partnership with the legendary iconic show Video Music Box. We currently tape for our segment called “16 Bars” which provide rap artists, singers, and poets the chance to come out and show their cipher skills, perform their original music and network to promote their craft. This show is featured once a month on NYC tv. You never know who is going to show up, show out and rock out for Ralph McDaniels. We are currently, taking the show on the road and coming to you live in a neighborhood near you!!!
Overall, our brand is consistent and we are always on the look out to promote our guests and do what we love within the business. The one thing that motivates me the most is the passion and daily grind that motivates my guests. This show has allowed me to cross paths with many people that have some great artistic talents, so I wanted to be part of the process by starting another platform for them to display their skills. The concept our show is constantly changing. My role has changed considerably since we started. My hobby and passion had evolved into a brand that is respected by others and I am very proud of that fact. We will continue to produce quality shows with great content, host events, sponsor and collaborate with organizations that expand upon what we offer.
Just for the record, we are far from done. Coming soon you can catch me on the Independent Reality show which is in the editing phase for a television network. We have several events that we are involved with, and we have some new plans for 2015 which will soon be implemented. This past year, we have won the “Best Radio Show Host” award and an award from Smile for Sonya. It feels good to be recognized for what you love to do. Our goal is to keep evolving while polishing up what we already have in place. We love hip hop, we love music, and we help you to promote what you do. Keep an eye out for Just Gimme the Mic because we are far from done…..
Currently, you can find Just Gimme The Mic on Youtube at http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTJqbhlnE8PHojlib2jJVKA , Blogtalk radio atwww.blogtalkradio.com/coco4869 and on Bronxnet Channel 68 Public Access station every Wednesday night at midnight.


Fonda Rae
If you have any R & B music in your archives, you have Fonda Rae in your collection. The Ossining, New York native has one of the most exceptionally spectacular singing careers in the business. She first lent her voice and talents to Don Armando’s 2nd Ave. Rhumba Band who produced the hit “Deputy Of Love.” She then became the voice behind, Wish and the hit “Touch Me” covered by Cathy Dennis, Fantasy’s “You’re Too Late,” Rainbow Brown’s “Till You Surrender” and Kid Creole & The Coconuts’ “Maladie D’Amour.”

In 1982 she released the smash hit and now cult classic “Over Like A Fat Rat” as a solo artist. Copies of the single on vinyl are hard to find and often sell for more than $100 each. Her follow up to that was “Hey O Bah,” “Baby Do You Want My Love,” “Living In Ecstasy,” “Get Into You” and a remake of the Monkees “Last Train To Clarksville.” Almost 20 years later in 2002 Fonda found herself on the charts once again with the smash “En2U.” and it introduced Rae to a new audience. Fonda has worked with such artist as, Mary J. Blige, Carl Thomas and Colonel Abrams. She’s also collaborated with artists such as Taka Boom, The Fat Boys and Debbie Harry. Ms. Rae is a proficient keyboardist, violinist, and both trap and percussion drummer. She currently works as a well-respected studio engineer, producer and songwriter with her own company.

Christie Z. Pabon’s Love of Hip Hop led her from a small town in Pennsylvania to New York City in 1996. Her first stop after moving to New York was the Universal Zulu Nation’s anniversary party. It was at this event that she met her future husband Jorge “Pop Master Fabel” Pabon.
With the help of 1996 DMC US Champion, DJ Swamp, Christie obtained a job at DMC working in sales. While working for this company, she organized some of some of the best DJ battles that took place in the US. Mrs. Pabon is a Hip Hop Publicist and activist, an Event Promoter, a DMC USA CEO and aDJ Battle Specialist. Christie is known for her hard work and dedication when it comes to keeping Hip Hop culture alive. Her knowledge of Hip Hop history and the quality of her work speaks for itself.
Christies Husband and partner, Jorge “Pop Master Fabel” Pabon was born and raised in Spanish Harlem. His love of music and dance led him to attend Jams and clubs at an early age. It was at these events that he began his dance and choreography Career. Mr. Pabon holds the following under his belt, B-Boy, Choreographer, DJ, MC, Dance Teacher, Author, Artist, Director, Hip Hop Historian and Activist, President of the Hierophysics Crew, Senior Vice President of the Rock Steady Crew, Member of the Magnificent Force and Electric Boogaloos and Co-Founder of Ghettoriginal Productions, Inc.
Currently, Pabon gives lectures and classes, and participates in various conferences. He is working on three documentaries “Puerto Ricans in Hip Hop”, “Apache Line”, and “Fabels History of Hip Hop Fashion Vol.1.” He also teaches a popping and locking class on Mondays At Steps on Broadway.
Together, this Husband and Wife team co-founded the “Tools of War” grassroots Hip Hop Newsletter 10 years ago. This e-newsletter lets the public know about upcoming Hip Hop events. It also contains valuable information about community issues including police brutality and women’s rights.
Christie and Fabel are well known for the True School NYC Summer Park Jams in the Bronx and Harlem. They have put a lot of hard work into organizing these jams and they having been drawing in Hip Hop fans from around the world since 2003. Hosted by Grand Master Caz and featuring legendary DJS such as Grand Wizard Theodore, Grandmaster Flash, and DJ Red Alert, these jams are not to be missed!
Christie Z. Pabon and Jorge “Pop Master Fabel” Pabon are a Force to be reckoned with. It is an honor to present this Hip Hop Power couple with this Team Fearless Hip Hop Award!!

Introducing some of the Team Fearless’ honorees for the 5th annual Honors event on June 20, 2015.

DJ Ron G

DJ Ron G

Rah Digga

Rah Digga (Flipmode Squad)

Mr. Cheeks (The Lost Boyz)

Mr. Cheeks (The Lost Boyz)

Flavor Flav (Public Enemy)

Flavor Flav (Public Enemy)